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The Bad Guy in America

by Oliver DeMille Question: "How much of the First Amendment would you like us to ignore?"  Answer: "How many lives would we want to save?" --State of Affairs television debut The Enemy? Almost every police drama and movie has a similar bad guy. The hero, usually a dedicated police officer or government agent with a painful personal past … [Read more...]

The Age of Gridlock!

(Why It Is Actually Good for America) Pointing or Passing Now that the 2014 midterm elections have been held, the whole political apparatus in the United States is gearing up for the 2016 presidential election. What does this mean for the next two years? Here’s what to expect: Hillary Clinton will now run against the Republican Congress. This … [Read more...]

What is Government? Part II: The Visa/Mastercard Solution

Just Try It In response to my article about Government is Force (where I mentioned that government was created mainly to protect our inalienable rights and that to do this it must focus almost entirely on law enforcement and national security and not get distracted on other things), a number of people asked about services and infrastructure like … [Read more...]

Politics is Getting Fun! -Oliver DeMille

According to the old saying, the two things regular people don't want to watch are sausage making and law making. This has been true for decades, or actually centuries. But three people have changed this in the past year. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul have made watching politics fun again. Or fun for the first time, as the case may … [Read more...]

“The Book of the Decade”: Resolved by Orrin Woodward

by Oliver DeMille What if there were an award for “The Book of the Decade”? It would celebrate the most important book of the past ten years, the one that could have made, and still could make, the most positive difference in the world. If there were such an award, I know what my pick would be. Some books deeply matter. They change their … [Read more...]

Do You Know When Your Chain is Being Yanked?

It’s astonishing that in midst of the Information Age, we are among the most poorly informed societies in history. This does not mean that most Americans are stupid, nor are they evil. For the most part, they simply do not know what they do not know and few are willing to question outside of the boundaries of approved opinion. Too much of what … [Read more...]

The Fifty Steps of Crisis Eras by Oliver DeMille

Note to the Reader: I offered this list three years ago in early 2010, and since then the steps of crisis have advanced. I felt it was time to review and see where we are right now. Today I added a few words of commentary that update things since 2010—these are at the very end of this list. If you want, feel free to skip to the end and read the … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow: Unconventional Just May Mean Revolutionary

By Chris Brady As a father I am constantly on the lookout for lessons, stories, experiences, and role models that will be edifying for the development of my children. Several years ago, while he was still a surprising sensation at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow came onto my radar screen. There was something attractive about his … [Read more...]

Brother Beck Jumps the Shark

For sheer entertainment, Glenn Beck is at the top of his game. His characteristic sarcasm, his irreverent, over-the-top humor and his undeniable passion have propelled him to rightful status as a top talk radio personality. Beck is reminiscent of a young Rush Limbaugh, who tackled the topics others dared not and gleefully skewered every … [Read more...]

You Haven’t Told Them Until You’ve Shown Them

By Chris Brady Nightmares Imagine you’re on stage in front of a bunch of people. They’re all looking at you, it’s quiet as a funeral home, you can hear a pin drop, your mouth is dry, and you have no idea what to say or what you’re even expected to say. You don’t know why you’re there, you don’t even know who these people are, and then you … [Read more...]