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Преимущества фриспинов в онлайн казино

Фриспины без депозитов становятся настоящим подарком для игроков, предоставляя возможность испытать азарт и радость игры на игровых автоматах без финансовых вложений. Эти бесплатные вращения призваны не только разнообразить игровой процесс, но и открыть двери к возможным выигрышем. Без риска, но с большим потенциалом Фриспины без депозита с … [Read more...]

NEWS OF THE DAY by Oliver DeMille: Lessons from Crisis

Lessons from Crisis The popular saying that "we shouldn't let a good crisis go to waste" applies to the regular people and citizens, not just to politicians. In fact, politicians often use such thinking to make things worse. But the regular people can do a lot of good during times of crises. In fact, they usually do. Right now is no exception. … [Read more...]

2020 TJEd Online Freedom Convention

Presented by Oliver DeMille Leadership Education (TJEd) & The Center for Social Leadership (What to do about it, and how to do it effectively—and what’s coming next) Available for Online Access with All Content On-Demand See here for detailed seminar content >> ENROLLMENT Early Bird Enrollment (enrolled by … [Read more...]

The Old Testament Made Me an Optimist

by Ian Cox I recently made a discovery. For me, it changes everything… Well, maybe not actually everything. Here’s what happened: I was doing some research, and I realized that there are multiple ways to study the Bible (and other great classics, for that matter). I knew this before, of course; but this time something clicked. By the time I … [Read more...]

News of the Day: The Biggest Problem with Our Modern Politics

(and How to Fix It) I just finished studying a fascinating book that really made me think, Passions & Politics by two European scholars, Paul Ginsborg and Sergio Labate.* I found this a difficult book to read (dry and winding), but it shares five very important ideas that deeply apply to all of us right now....   Click Here to … [Read more...]

News of the Day by Oliver DeMille

It's Getting Extreme Out There! October 2019: The news is tumultuous these days. Growing threats of impeachment, allegations that the leading presidential candidate broke the law in the Ukraine and China for family gain, the current president accused of numerous mistakes, partisans pointing angry fingers at each other, gaggles of "experts" … [Read more...]


A Review of 3 Books on the Future of Freedom If you care about freedom, this article may be one of the most important things you ever read. If you care about the U.S. Constitution, it is definitely this important. Some of the most significant proposals to drastically change our political system were recently outlined in several very interesting … [Read more...]

News of the Day: Don’t be a Dummy! by Oliver DeMille

Where Do You Stand? This headline, "Don't Be a Dummy!," is sincere. The sad truth is that too many Americans act like "dummies" too much of the time. For example, consider the following quote: "Public Policy Polling asked a broad sample of Democratic and Republican primary voters whether they would support bombing Agrabah. Nearly a third … [Read more...]

News of the Day By Oliver DeMille

Election 2020 Who can challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 election? This question is important, whether you like Trump and plan to vote for him, or don't like him and plan to vote for the 2020 Democrat nominee, or don't like him much but feel he's better than the alternatives. Who can challenge him? Trying to answer this question for myself led to … [Read more...]

The News of the Day: Is the Tea Party Movement Over?

(And Why It Matters) Many pundits now argue that the Tea Party movement has stopped being a serious force in U.S. politics since Donald Trump took office. The movement became popular in 2009, garnering a number of significant victories during the 2010 election. It also won some notable elections during 2012 and 2014. It had little power during … [Read more...]