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What is Social Leadership?

Social leadership means to devote one’s life and talents to improving society regardless of social standing, wealth, or privilege.

freedomofspeechSocial leaders serve and bless others. They create beauty in the world, lift the vision of mankind, broaden our possibilities, and deepen our life experience. They protect freedom, preserve peace, and ensure prosperity for as many people as possible.

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The six pillars of social leadership form the following acronym:

S ubmission
O neness
C alling
I ntegral Education
A ction
L iberty


Social leaders believe in and submit to a Higher Power, by whatever name and through whichever means they choose. They find inspiration, guidance, and stability from a source higher than themselves. Submission is the source of motivation and vision and ensures humility.


Social leaders feel an abiding sense of unity between themselves and nature, other individuals, institutions, and the universe at large. They knew their thoughts, habits, and actions directly result in societal consequences. They know they are cells within a larger body.


To be a social leader is to know with certainty that you were born for something great, unique, and specific. Furthermore, it is to know that if you don’t live up to your mission, the world suffers. The calling of a social leader is the thing that he or she can’t not do because of the inner voice that compels and drives them. It permeates their thoughts, emotions, actions, and habits.

Integral Education

Integral means entire; complete; whole. Integral education, therefore, is education that leads to whole truth and complete “beingness.” It extends far beyond technical knowledge and specialized expertise. It explores human nature and seeks to answer such questions as, “Who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What should our ideals be and how can we achieve them?” Not only is such an education whole in scope and methodology, but also its core purpose is to develop whole individuals — in other words, social leaders.


Social leaders bridge the gap between what is and what should be. While others are confused, despondent, and waiting, social leaders are confident, optimistic, and acting. They know that profound thinking must lead to appropriate and energetic action.


Social leaders are intimately aware of the art, science, and process of government. They understand its nature and proper role. They do all in their power to secure and preserve freedom for all races, genders, and cultures.

Download our ebook to get the full story on social leadership.