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News of the Day: The Biggest Problem with Our Modern Politics

(and How to Fix It) I just finished studying a fascinating book that really made me think, Passions & Politics by two European scholars, Paul Ginsborg and Sergio Labate.* I found this a difficult book to read (dry and winding), but it shares five very important ideas that deeply apply to all of us right now....   Click Here to … [Read more...]


What Americans Can Do To Effectively Protect American Freedoms in the Decades Just Ahead (Book Review of American, by Shanon Brooks) Note to reader: read Part I of this report here >> I. The Challenge The 21st Century is shaping up as an era of major conflict, between (1) the three superpowers (the U.S., Russia, and China) … [Read more...]

The Jefferson-Madison Debates: What Are We NOT Teaching Today’s Youth? THE MISSING TOPIC IN MODERN EDUCATION!

By Oliver DeMille What Was Lost I thought he was convinced, but then he leaned forward in his chair and shook his head. He wasn’t officially my student, but we’d had a number of mentoring discussions in recent months, and I knew from experience that he was about to say something deep. “It’s frustrating that so many people in my generation … [Read more...]

Jefferson-Madison Debates: Reopening the American Mind

Challenges for the Millennial Generation (and Z) “Miss Amelia prayed as if the Lord were ten million miles away, and she would be surprised to pieces if she got anything she wanted.” —Gene Stratton-Porter, Laddie   THE PROBLEM? Millennials. Or, as they are frequently called by critics, the “Snowflake Generation”. Considered by some the … [Read more...]

The Future of Feminism by Oliver DeMille

It could be over. The whole, centuries-long debate between men and women, as well as between women and women, over the best role for women, may be coming to an end. Ironically, this hinges not so much on women or men, but on both. And on children too. Let me explain. Feminism has progressed through several phases in history. First, … [Read more...]

Lift Where You Stand

I recently texted a buddy of mine and said, "I know we will change the world." His response has caused me much pondering and reflection: "And it will be done by everyone lifting where they stand." All too often, we shirk our duties and think, "Someone else is supposed to do that." We think our call is either too significant or not important … [Read more...]

An Audience of One

She knocks on the door to my office and waits until I motion her in. Politely she asks with expectant eyes if I'd like to visit her "gum store." For once making the right choice (trying to remember if I've put her off earlier for the same request), I rise from my work and take her by the hand. Her big brown eyes and freckled face are all … [Read more...]

In Defense of the Manual Arts

You've read a lot of articles from me promoting a liberal arts education, which we teach at Monticello College. But there is a lesser known side of our curriculum -- the manual arts, which are not something the average American thinks about in the 21st century. But a hundred years ago, the vast majority of Americans were engaged in the manual … [Read more...]

When Society Makes Sex its God

It’s time to bring to light a forgotten text that may be the definitive work on the rise and fall of civilizations. The book is called Sex and Culture and British anthropologist J.D. Unwin published it back in 1934. Unwin set out to test the idea put forth by Freud that civilization is born out of repressed sexuality. He studied 86 different … [Read more...]

Is Feminism Over?

“Though it might be naïve, [this generation has] a belief that friendships are forever, whereas most dating relationships are expected to end.” -Psychology Today, January/February 2013 “Are Girlfriends the New Husbands?” This is the title of an article in the January 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine. The article goes on to say that the … [Read more...]