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What Americans Can Do To Effectively Protect American Freedoms in the Decades Just Ahead (Book Review of American, by Shanon Brooks) Note to reader: read Part I of this report here >> I. The Challenge The 21st Century is shaping up as an era of major conflict, between (1) the three superpowers (the U.S., Russia, and China) … [Read more...]

The Jefferson-Madison Debates: The Third Layer by Oliver DeMille

“When technology advances too quickly for education to keep up, inequality generally rises.” —Eric Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAffee “Your true greatness comes when you focus not on building a career but on finding your quest." —Vishen Lakhiani “Engaged students are 16 times more likely to report being academically motivated than students who … [Read more...]

One Great Challenge Facing America Today by Oliver DeMille

The Coming Fall Only 15 percent of Americans are on target to fund 1 year or more of their retirement. One single year. Yet many will live twenty to thirty years after retiring. This one fact alone is a major blow against conservatism. It may in fact kill conservative principles and ideals in the next two decades, and it could deeply hurt the … [Read more...]

America’s Looming Crash: Special Report Parts I, II, III by Oliver DeMille

I am an optimist. I believe the best of America and the world are still ahead. But we’re only going to get there by dealing with the reality that the United States is now in an era of significant decline. Specifically, at least two things happened this year that are major problems, and a third serious problem is gaining increased support among many … [Read more...]

A Modern Classic – The Conscious Creator

by Oliver DeMille Book Review of The Conscious Creator by Kris Krohn & Stephen Palmer The Law of Attraction, Revisited Every once in a while I read a book that really changes me—deeply, drastically, truly. I’ve never been the same since I read Les Miserables the first time, for example, and when I read The Making of America by W. Cleon … [Read more...]

The Fifty Steps of Crisis Eras by Oliver DeMille

Note to the Reader: I offered this list three years ago in early 2010, and since then the steps of crisis have advanced. I felt it was time to review and see where we are right now. Today I added a few words of commentary that update things since 2010—these are at the very end of this list. If you want, feel free to skip to the end and read the … [Read more...]

Mini-Factories: The Greatest Freedom Trend of Our Time

By Oliver DeMille The following is an excerpt from Oliver's recent book, The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom. If freedom is to reverse the onslaught of American and global aristocracy, it will likely do so through the greatest freedom trend of our time. This trend is revolutionizing institutions, organizations, … [Read more...]

The American Caste System

By Oliver DeMille The American framers overcame domination by an elite upper class by establishing a new system where every person was treated equally before the law. This led to nearly two centuries of increasing freedoms for all social classes, both genders and all citizens—whatever their race, religion, health, etc. During the Industrial Age … [Read more...]

Culture Versus Institutions

By Oliver DeMille Free citizens are innovative, independent and giving. When these characteristics wane in a society, freedom decreases. When these values are bolstered, freedom grows. Because they are so important in free nations, institutions attempt to produce and market them. But the nature of innovation, independence and giving … [Read more...]

Food Safety At Any Cost?

By Bryan Hyde Sitting down to our daily meals is such a commonplace occurrence for most of us that we scarcely give it a second thought. But the safety of the food we eat is becoming the focal point of an increasingly intense tug of war between federal regulators and food growers and producers at every level—right down to our own … [Read more...]