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America’s New Grand Strategy, Part 1: Internationalism and Beyond

By Oliver DeMille The United States is currently experiencing a Grand Strategy Crisis — and the most powerful nation in the world since the Roman Empire better get it right. Such a crisis typically comes along once a generation, when the nation drops its old grand strategy and selects a new one. Unfortunately, this significant change, … [Read more...]

Something New in the Middle East?

By Oliver DeMille For decades the Middle East has posed many challenges to American presidents. It seems every U.S. president wants to make history by helping negotiate a lasting peace in this difficult region. Few people feel a lot of optimism about this, however. Palestinians argue that they are a people under siege, a nation under … [Read more...]

The Education Crossroads, Part 2: Types of Education

By Oliver DeMille Read Part 1 Here But I do not believe that either the modern or the Shakespearean mindsets will influence our future as much as that from and even earlier age — the era of Virgil. I am convinced that Virgil’s understanding of freedom eclipses both of these others. Virgil witnessed Rome losing many of its freedoms, and he … [Read more...]

O Canada: Lessons From Our Northern Neighbor

Two words that haven’t shown up together very much since the 2008 economic meltdown are "austerity" and "Canada." That’s quite an accomplishment for our neighbor to the North. Austerity has been paired with Greece, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and France in just the past 18 months. Austerity means having your economy controlled and run by … [Read more...]

Conditioning Us for the Next War

Just this morning I received an e-mail from a friend breathlessly warning of the dangers of impending Sharia law in America. The e-mail contained a series of photos of an Iranian boy whose arm was being crushed beneath a car's tire for the crime of stealing. Why aren't we bombing them already? Wow. I guess everything we've heard … [Read more...]

The Linguistic Relationship between the Aramaic of Jesus and the Arabic of the Qur’an

When an Arabic-speaking Muslim friend saw Mel Gibson’s movie Passion of the Christ with most of the dialogue in Aramaic, he was very surprised that he did not need most of the subtitles in English to understand the movie! This connection is a critical bridge builder: sister languages, the Arabic, and the Aramaic, the written language which was … [Read more...]

Is Forced Democracy the Answer?

Much of our recent foreign policy is guided by the notion that spreading democracy will naturally result in a state of peace, and respect for basic human rights. While seeking peace and human rights are notable and essential goals, the idea of using force to set up a system claiming to foster true freedom is a farce. Let me tell you a … [Read more...]

The Anti-Federalists, Entrepreneurship, & the Future of Freedom, Part 5: Treaty Power

This is part 5 of a 6-part article. Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here Read Part 3 Here Read Part 4 Here Anti-Federalist Prediction #6: The Treaty Power Will Be Abused Prediction: The treaty power will be used to change the Constitution in ways the people don’t even know about and that benefit the rich at the cost of the people’s … [Read more...]

Overcoming Hamilton’s Curse, Part 2: Major Challenges

Specific Solutions that Only Entrepreneurs Can Provide This is part 2 of a 5-part article. Read Part 1 Here Consider the major problems we are facing. Most are the natural results of too much reliance on institutional size and power and not enough initiative, innovation, and leadership from “little guys.” Of course, the few who are … [Read more...]

Freedom Leadership: America’s Opportunity

Futurist John Naisbitt wrote in Mindset that success in the 21st Century will go to the opportunity leaders, not the problem solvers. America hasn’t yet figured this out. The focus of our leaders — political, corporate, media — seems mostly on problems. As Fareed Zakaria argues, the current debate in the United States is totally out of touch … [Read more...]