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What Society Has in Common with Wet Cement

Some of the most serious conflicts in our society today have their roots in the difference between forms and issues. The fact that many otherwise informed individuals have no idea what is meant by "forms" is a key reason for this. Forms are best described as the foundational structure or principles that characterize what something is. In … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from the “Water Heater Lady”

It was an extremely unlikely friendship. She was at least 60 years my senior. We only met once face to face. Still, I consider Virginia one of the dearest friends I'll ever know. When I started my radio career nearly 30 years ago, I quickly learned the difference between listeners and fans. Within a year of being on the air, I had a small but … [Read more...]

America Needs a Magna Carta Moment

A friend of mine recently commented on Facebook that “We need another Magna Carta type event today, led by the states towards the Federal Government.” The original event he refers to took place nearly 800 years ago in a meadow near Runnymede in England. It was there that a collection of influential barons forced King John, at sword point, to … [Read more...]

If You’re Not Worried, You’re Not Paying Attention

We’ve been saved. Or have we? After a 16-day cliffhanger, where our very existence supposedly hung in the balance, a compromise was reached. Business will continue as usual in Washington D.C. with increased government growth and spending. In reality, the curtain has fallen on the latest performance of political theater. For all the contrived … [Read more...]

Here’s Proof Leviathan Can Be Resisted

He probably meant well. After all the upheaval and division during his lifetime, peace and stability were his likely goals. But Thomas Hobbes gave life to a monster when his work Leviathan was published in 1651. Hobbes' depiction of the state as an irresistible strongman whose subjects live in fear and awe has become a popular template for … [Read more...]

A Letter Every American Should Read

The recent vague though elevated state of “terror readiness” was a nice touch. The timing was perfect. It’s just what we’d expect when serious public dissent over NSA domestic spying is building across America and even within Congress. Someone in the national security state must be getting worried. Maybe that’s why they’re trying to remind … [Read more...]

The Line Between Good and Evil

Most people today have never heard of the Syntopicon. But when the Great Books of Western Civilization were compiled and published nearly 60 years ago, it was the crowning achievement. Covering nearly 3,000 years of Western thought, the Syntopicon contains over 163,000 references to every idea and topic within the Great Books. Compiling the … [Read more...]

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

He wasn’t the headliner. His remarks at the Lincoln Memorial were not even part of his prepared text. At the time, few in the press even commented on his speaking role. But Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech has become one of the most iconic orations in American history. Few understood at the time that King was poised to become one of … [Read more...]

Choose Your Allegiance With Care

I knew it was wrong. I grappled with my choice. But in the end, my allegiance was wrong. Many years ago while attending college I auditioned to be in a play. Since the play was a comedy, I had high hopes of being cast. I had discovered some time earlier that the only sound sweeter than applause was applause mixed with laughter. I was elated when … [Read more...]

Expanding Your Circle of Influence

One of the greatest truths I’ve ever learned came from a cave man in the film “10,000 B.C.” The film is set in prehistoric times and tells the story of two young nomads growing up together. After becoming the leader of the tribe, one of the young men faces an almost impossible challenge when a more highly advanced civilization kidnaps and … [Read more...]