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The Power of Independence

Have you ever caught yourself waiting for someone to do something for you when you could do it yourself? Or had someone bring a problem to you that they could easily solve? Look at the picture above. Someone could have easily gone and bought a stamp and done it for themselves. What makes this really funny, but also sad, is the nickel at … [Read more...]

The Balance Between Innovation & Systems

Business is constant balancing act between innovation and systemization. Consistently performing the actions that bring the best results should be the focus of any business venture. To sit on these merits and not innovate can easily become the poison that causes businesses to suffer. On the other end of the spectrum, to focus too much on … [Read more...]

If You Think Education Is Expensive…

I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Isn’t it interesting how much our lack of knowledge, or lack of the right resources, cost us in life? Whether it’s not knowing something about accounting, or real estate, or business, or economics, or even not knowing the right people. Many times … [Read more...]

Burst Through Obstacles By Feeding Your Thoughts

Thoughts are a remarkable source of power and energy when you harness them. As we become aware of what we are thinking and begin to recognize that our attitudes and actions follow thought, we can begin to make better choices about what we “feed” our thoughts. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your … [Read more...]

Defining Ourselves

I’ve thought long and hard about the process individuals and companies go through to define themselves. We’ve all had experiences with companies and individuals who preach one thing and do another. You’ve seen it! There is an idea, a promise, or a pitch that we bought into and then were vastly disappointed when the results were not … [Read more...]

See Needs & Do Something About Them

I had the opportunity to visit Legacy Preparatory Academy this last Friday to meet with future "social leaders." I had about 40 minutes to share some insights into what social leadership is and how each of us can make a difference, no matter what our political, financial, or talent level. Simply put, social leadership is about seeing a … [Read more...]

Build Something That Lasts

Success, whether we're talking about the narrow and outdated version of strictly material wealth, or the new, broader, more holistic meaning of making a difference and influence, must be built over time.  Personally, I want to build things that last.  Relationships with family are very important to me and my experience tells me they must be built … [Read more...]

Be the Link that Strengthens the Chain

Today, I'm going to let the words of William George Jordan do the talking.  The are taken from his book The Crown of Individuality, published in 1909. "He who, from sheer lack of purpose drifts through life, letting the golden years of his highest hopes glide empty back into the perspective of his past while he fills his ears with the lorelei … [Read more...]

The Execution of Success

I previously wrote an article called, An Iceberg in Leadership, in which I talked about the many hours that authentic leaders devote in the early mornings and late evenings, usually when others don't see it, to making their visions become a reality.  Most observers only see the front stage (i.e. the success and spotlight), but rarely see what … [Read more...]

Who Will Save Us?

The old conceptions and methods of leadership are as flawed as they are obsolete. Leadership is the answer to the question, “Who will save us?” In the past, weʼve given our rights to kings and rulers in the hopes that they would take care of us. Our hopes were dashed by tyranny. Weʼve looked to the church to rescue us. The oppression of the Dark … [Read more...]