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The Power of Independence

Have you ever caught yourself waiting for someone to do something for you when you could do it yourself? Or had someone bring a problem to you that they could easily solve?

Look at the picture above. Someone could have easily gone and bought a stamp and done it for themselves.

What makes this really funny, but also sad, is the nickel at the bottom right corner. If you look closely and read the writing it says, “.05 cents for your trouble.”

Wow! What a tip! Let’s think about this for a minute. To buy stamp, remove the tape, do something with the envelope to fix it — that’s only worth five cents?

Nonetheless, we do these kinds of things all the times as human beings. Wanting someone else to fix us, give us answers, and show us the way.

Now I want to be clear, that I’m not saying we don’t ever go to others for answers or help. I’m the biggest supporter of group collaboration, learning from others, and mentors.

But if we always look to others for our help we miss one of the greatest opportunities available.

What is it? Growth. When we have to stretch we become bigger and better than we are now. We experience the Power of Independence.

So next time you don’t know the answer or need to ask for some help, ask yourself if you can figure it out on your own.

If you do, you’ll grow. And you’ll be glad you did.


Carl Woolston is a business and marketing consultant with KGaps Consulting, a co-creator of the proprietary marketing methodology “Hub Mentality,”, and a co-founder of The Center for Social Leadership.

His expertise includes network development, marketing, web strategy development, lead creation, and lead capture strategies.

He and his wife Christy are raising their six rambunctious children in Bountiful, Utah.

Connect With Carl:

Email: carl [at] kgaps [dot] com
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