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Defining Ourselves

I’ve thought long and hard about the process individuals and companies go through to define themselves.

We’ve all had experiences with companies and individuals who preach one thing and do another. You’ve seen it!

There is an idea, a promise, or a pitch that we bought into and then were vastly disappointed when the results were not realized.

This is perhaps one of the major challenges we all face individually as well.

It has been said that the key to happiness is bridging the gap between what we know we should do.

What should we be doing? That’s a question we all need to answer.

Principally, there are key actions that ultimately give each up us a much better chance of success and happiness.

So what should we be doing to define ourselves?

Here’s my answer: By helping others define themselves we define ourselves.

In the process of being in motion and bringing value to others we understand our own identity and abilities more fully than in any other way.

Want to know yourself better? Serve others better.


Carl Woolston is a business and marketing consultant with KGaps Consulting, a co-creator of the proprietary marketing methodology “Hub Mentality,”, and a co-founder of The Center for Social Leadership.

His expertise includes network development, marketing, web strategy development, lead creation, and lead capture strategies.

He and his wife Christy are raising their six rambunctious children in Bountiful, Utah.

Connect With Carl:

Email: carl [at] kgaps [dot] com
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