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An Iceberg of Leadership

I believe that most people have a similar sense and expectation of what they want from their leaders. We want someone who has a vision that inspires in us possibilities for a better future, whatever that may mean to us in terms of a better life. For some, a better life may mean financial success, others it may mean stronger families, and yet … [Read more...]

Are You Living Deliberately?

I'm on to my next book.  It's considered a classic by many, the book is Walden by Henry David Thoreau. The premise of the book is quite interesting, as Thoreau writes about what he calls "living deliberately." He removed himself from what society would have called normal life and moves to a squatter's cabin to see how simply he can live. He … [Read more...]

The Crossroads of Passion and Purpose

What drives a man to get out of bed and face each day with undaunted optimism? What gives a person the consistency to work toward an unrealized goal without immediate reward? Why, when certain leaders speak of ideals and vision, do others lay down their weapons of defensiveness and join in the battle? This trait cannot be purchased. It has no … [Read more...]

The City of Ember: Journeys Through the Darkness

It's amazing to me as you work toward a specific objective, usually one that starts in your mind, and you begin to cultivate certain thoughts, like plants in a garden, how outward circumstances start to shift as you work toward that specific goal. I'm not the kind of guy that sets a specific timeline for my goals, although I do believe in … [Read more...]