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Leaders Don’t Have to Be Shouters

A friend of mine threw in the towel recently. She’s grown weary of trying to dialogue with libertarians. She feels they’re rude, condescending, and unwilling to work with her on political issues. This is a common perception. Unfortunately, it also accurately describes virtually everyone who frames his or her political beliefs in strictly … [Read more...]

Do You Know When Your Chain is Being Yanked?

It’s astonishing that in midst of the Information Age, we are among the most poorly informed societies in history. This does not mean that most Americans are stupid, nor are they evil. For the most part, they simply do not know what they do not know and few are willing to question outside of the boundaries of approved opinion. Too much of what we … [Read more...]

Sowing the Seeds of Rebellion

What do these things have in common? Providing someone with raw milk. Collecting rainwater to water your garden. Saving seeds from your garden to grow next year’s crop. All of them may be illegal depending upon where you live. It is the nature of government to seek to gradually expand its control over our lives. Seatbelt laws, legal tender laws … [Read more...]

The Person Most Likely to Save America

You don’t have be a pessimist to sense that the battle for the soul of America has ramped up sharply over the past few years. Politically, economically, spiritually and culturally, society continues to drift away from the foundational principles upon which our liberty was established. Too many Americans have been trained for generations to … [Read more...]

Freeing the Prisoner in My Skull-Sized Kingdom

It had to have been a conspiracy. It was as if every force in the universe was aligned against us. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong. But not in the way I first thought. The ordeal started while enjoying a family tradition of taking the kids to our favorite restaurant each week. The restaurant was unusually busy that evening, … [Read more...]

Word Magic and My Labelmaker

It looked like just another piece of junk at the yard sale. But I knew better. For me, as a young boy, it represented the ability to practice word magic. Soon I was labeling anything within reach with my well-used label maker. Toys, books, furniture, even pictures were soon clearly labeled for anyone who may have been … [Read more...]

How I Would Destroy America

Years ago, Paul Harvey shared a commentary on contemporary America titled "If I were the Devil.” It was an inspiring way of illustrating the accelerating decline of societal morals and mores. With a tip of the hat to Paul Harvey, I’d like to shine a similar light on the decline of freedom in our time. If I wanted to destroy liberty in … [Read more...]

When Society Makes Sex its God

It’s time to bring to light a forgotten text that may be the definitive work on the rise and fall of civilizations. The book is called Sex and Culture and British anthropologist J.D. Unwin published it back in 1934. Unwin set out to test the idea put forth by Freud that civilization is born out of repressed sexuality. He studied 86 different … [Read more...]

Why We Should Treat Our Work as a Calling

What’s the difference between a job and a vocation? It’s the difference between asking, “What do you do?” versus, “Who are you?” It’s the difference between a pile of ingredients and a fresh loaf of bread. A job is simply a task that we perform for hire. But our vocation is based on a sense of calling, the pursuit of purpose or mission that … [Read more...]

The Corruption of the Word “Hero”

Words tend to change over time. These changes mean that once-clear definitions are at risk of gradually becoming corrupted. Though our language is always in a mild state of flux, it appears that the word “hero” is now numbered among those terms most rapidly losing their true meaning. It used to be that a hero was a celebrated figure who … [Read more...]