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The Greatest Lust Of All: Power Over Others

Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.–George Washington In 1930s Germany, a unitary leader plead for sufficient power to make his homeland safe from the threats faced by his nation. The German people and their … [Read more...]

Fear or Respect the Police?

When 28 year old Jared Massey was tasered alongside the highway by a Utah state trooper in 2007, the incident elicited a lot of strong opinions. Comments ran the gamut from, “The motorist was a criminal who deserved it” to “The trooper is living proof that the police are out of control.” As is the case with most incidents of this nature, the … [Read more...]

The Pro-Freedom Conspiracy Needs You

When a friend offered to lend me his copy of Claire Wolfe’s book The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook, I eagerly accepted.  I had long read her articles in Backwoods Home magazine and on World Net Daily and I enjoyed her no-holds-barred approach to remaining free in an increasingly unfree world. Wolfe is likely best known for making the eyebrow raising … [Read more...]

The Iranian Terror Plot: A Matter of Trust

I’m finding it harder to trust our federal government or the mass media to tell us the truth. Especially when it comes to the latest “terror plot” that’s allegedly surfaced. Like the little boy who cried “wolf”, too many federal officials have sought to further their foreign policy ambitions by telling us outlandish tales of foiled terror … [Read more...]

Brother Beck Jumps the Shark

For sheer entertainment, Glenn Beck is at the top of his game. His characteristic sarcasm, his irreverent, over-the-top humor and his undeniable passion have propelled him to rightful status as a top talk radio personality. Beck is reminiscent of a young Rush Limbaugh, who tackled the topics others dared not and gleefully skewered every … [Read more...]

What My Dad Taught Me About Legitimate Pain

My dad has been gone for 21 years.  That’s nearly half my life, yet sometimes it seems like an eye-blink. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve encountered him in my dreams and seized precious moments to say what needed to be said only to wake up to the reality of his absence. One of the greatest lessons my dad taught me during his short 56 … [Read more...]

Do These Shackles Make Me Look Fat?

Humans tend to remain oblivious to all but the most tumultuous changes. Few of us notice the first few pounds we’ve put on.  It’s not until our clothing becomes obviously and uncomfortably tight that we suspect something is amiss. Even then few are willing to step on a scale to confirm the suspected weight gain and fewer still are willing to … [Read more...]

Lies We Choose To Believe

“Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning.” “We know exactly where the WMD are located.” “This election is the most important election of our lifetimes.” Of all the lies we choose to believe, that last one is the most pathetic. We hear it repeated ad nauseum during every single election cycle. It’s a manipulative platitude, … [Read more...]

Groupthink and Crimes of Opinion

by Bryan Hyde The Age of Political Correctness The beauty of totalitarian concepts like groupthink and crimes of opinion is that everyone is a potential thought criminal in need of sensitivity training. For instance, when a student at Alta High School jokingly donned a white pillowcase with eye-holes during a school pep assembly last spring, a … [Read more...]

Would You Rather Be Safe or Free?

By Bryan Hyde With another renewal of the PATRIOT Act recently, it's clear that the debate still centers over whether the act goes too far or doesn't go far enough to protect against terrorism. A better question would be: Is the proper role of government to keep us safe or to keep us free? At stake is whether national security--namely … [Read more...]