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The “BIG” Problem by Oliver DeMille

The "BIG" problem isn't just hugely important, it's also the incredible set of challenges that are created when any institution, organization, or endeavor is just plain too big. This problem is predictable, and therefore solvable, but only if the right people are keeping an eye on the right things. Specifically, our modern government is too … [Read more...]

A Missing Piece of Entrepreneurship – Oliver DeMille

I write a lot about entrepreneurship, even though my main focus is freedom. The reason for this is simple: free nations are always nations with a strong entrepreneurial sector. There are no exceptions in history. Put simply, the great free nations of human experience had a flourishing free enterprise. This was true in ancient Athens and … [Read more...]

The Three Economies: Why the Middle-Class Has Stagnated – Oliver DeMille

There are three economies in modern society. They all matter. But most people only know about two of them. They know the third exists, in a shadowy, behind-the-scenes way that confuses most people. But the first two economies are present, pressing, obvious. So people just focus on these two. A couple of recent conversations brought these … [Read more...]

Were the Founders Lawyers? – Oliver DeMille

"You frequently mention that free nations have a lot of entrepreneurs," my friend said. "But I've been studying the American Founding era and it turns out that many of the framers were lawyers. Why don't you tell people that a lot more of us should go into law?" It was a good question, so I nodded my head. "You're right, but there is one big … [Read more...]

The Real Story Behind the Current Political Shift – Oliver DeMille

Washington doesn't get it. The news programs for the past few weeks have been talking about the "Political Earthquake" signaled by the latest primary elections. Tea Party candidates have won a few surprising races, and the media isn't sure how to explain it. They're labeling it a new Tea Party resurgence, harbinger of a new Republican … [Read more...]

Who Will Stand For Freedom? -Oliver Demille

In 1961 the great legal scholar Bruno Leoni, writing about freedom in modern times, said: "It seems to be the destiny of individual freedom at the present time to be defended mainly be economists rather than by lawyers or political scientists." Why? Leoni's answer was intriguing: "As far as lawyers are concerned, perhaps the reason is that … [Read more...]

An Alarming Analysis of 7 Types of Government – Oliver DeMille

Every government seeks to increase its power. And "power" is control over obedience, according to the great writer Bertrand de Jouvenel. "Force alone can establish power, habit alone can keep it in being..." But one more thing is needed to have absolute power: credit. (This is Jouvenel's word, meaning "recognition" or "validation," not … [Read more...]

The 3 Best Ways to Prepare for the Coming Crash -Oliver DeMille

As people discuss the decline of nations, comparisons are drawn to the fall of the Roman Empire or the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and so on. But what happened in the years after these falls? Of course, the first answer to this question is that it depends on the severity of the crash or fall. Every recession or depression, every big war or … [Read more...]

Two Reasons Why We Keep Losing the Freedom Battle -Oliver DeMille

Why does government keep growing, no matter who we elect, no matter which party is in charge? Why do freedom lovers, those who truly want limited, Constitutional government, continue to lose the battle? There are two answers. First, the freedom battle loses -- year after year, election after election, decade after decade -- because it is … [Read more...]

The Media Maxim – Oliver DeMille

There is a rule called "The Media Maxim," which tells us what is really going on our modern world and current events. Most people have no idea how important this rule is. The reason for this is simple. Most people don't get their views on events from the right sources, and we don't deeply think about things. Not as deeply as we should. … [Read more...]