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Founding a New Kind of Media? by Oliver DeMille

by Oliver DeMille Generations We are on the verge of a new media era in America. The first occurred during the American Founding, and was characterized mostly by articles and pamphlets—short, direct commentaries by numerous citizens on whatever topics they considered important. The second era was dominated by full-time commentators and … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Era of Drones! by Oliver DeMille

(Transportation without Representation) Question: It’s a big thing in the print media, right now. It shows up in article after article. Where do property rights end and airspace rights begin? When the jet planes or smaller Cessna’s were flying above at 21,000 feet or even 900 feet, most people didn’t care if they went directly over one’s … [Read more...]

Darn Statistics! by Oliver DeMille

(How the White House is Touting Misleading Economic “Recovery” Numbers) by Oliver DeMille Lies and Facts Mark Twain popularized the idea that there are lies, darn lies, and then statistics. The implication is that statistics are often the worst lies of all, because most people don’t really understand what they mean. Lenin added that when … [Read more...]

The Hillary Clinton Emails (A Different View) by Oliver DeMille

The Curve If you follow my articles on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that I seldom write about topics that are in the current news cycle. I usually address such issues a week or more after they stop dominating the nightly news. There is an important reason for this. The way the television news presents many political topics can be … [Read more...]

The Fall of Institutionalism by Oliver DeMille

by Oliver DeMille A Major Change in America We have a trust crisis in America. Specifically, we don’t trust our major institutions. For example, consider the current American view of government. A Gallup poll asked, “How much of the time do you think you can trust government in Washington to do what is right?” The response? Only 19% of … [Read more...]

The Bad Guy in America

by Oliver DeMille Question: "How much of the First Amendment would you like us to ignore?"  Answer: "How many lives would we want to save?" --State of Affairs television debut The Enemy? Almost every police drama and movie has a similar bad guy. The hero, usually a dedicated police officer or government agent with a painful personal past … [Read more...]

The Age of Gridlock!

(Why It Is Actually Good for America) Pointing or Passing Now that the 2014 midterm elections have been held, the whole political apparatus in the United States is gearing up for the 2016 presidential election. What does this mean for the next two years? Here’s what to expect: Hillary Clinton will now run against the Republican Congress. This … [Read more...]

LeaderShift Climbs Up the New York Times Bestsellers List

So not only has LeaderShift stayed on the New York Times bestsellers list for two weeks in a row, it also climbed from #12 to #9. Thanks for helping us keep up the momentum! If you haven't read it yet, we urge you to grab a copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. … [Read more...]

Oliver DeMille Featured on Peter Schiff Radio

Peter Schiff is an investment broker, author, and financial commentator who frequently appears on Fox News, CNBC, and other media outlets. He is also the host of the Peter Schiff radio show. We were thrilled when he contacted us and invited me to be a guest on his show this morning to discuss LeaderShift. You can access the recording of … [Read more...]

LeaderShift Hits the USA Today Bestsellers List

Wow, the bestseller lists keep coming in. First New York Times, then Wall Street Journal, and now we just found out that Leadershift came in at #17 on USA Today's bestsellers list for the week of April 25th. We are both humbled and thrilled. It's exciting to see so many citizens so passionately engaged in restoring America's greatness. We're … [Read more...]