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America’s Looming Crash: Special Report Parts I, II, III by Oliver DeMille

I am an optimist. I believe the best of America and the world are still ahead. But we’re only going to get there by dealing with the reality that the United States is now in an era of significant decline. Specifically, at least two things happened this year that are major problems, and a third serious problem is gaining increased support among many … [Read more...]

This is the Book! by Oliver DeMille

From the desk of Rachel DeMille…. Oliver writes a lot, and has published many popular and successful books. But from my vantage point, I could see that his upcoming book is very, very different from all the rest – especially in his mind. I’ve watched Oliver’s intensity and anticipation regarding this work, and wanted to give you a peek into the … [Read more...]

The Big Lie in America – Oliver DeMille

The Big Lie dominates Washington and much of our American culture. The lie, in a nutshell, argues that as government increases regulation, our society improves. This lie has lasted a long time, mainly because our society is divided between two versions of The Big Lie. The Democratic version contends that as the government increases regulation on … [Read more...]

Are We In for a “Second Great Depression”? by Oliver DeMille

In my recent class on current events, I documented the effectiveness of one scholarly media source in predicting future national policies, elections and other governmental events. The source is Foreign Affairs, a quarterly publication that seems to actually influence Washington more than simply provide forecasts. Of course, forecasts are always a … [Read more...]

Europe Calls Washington’s Spying Agenda “Orwellian”

Recently I wrote about how deeply concerned I am with the American public’s seeming apathy about the government spying on its own people. I received a lot of positive feedback, and I was excited that so many people still feel the importance of standing up for freedom. I got one email from a gentleman who seemed to feel that I had overstated the … [Read more...]

Is China Really a Threat?

I try to read most new books on China, because I think the growth of China on the world stage will continue for some time and eventually conflict with America’s interests. Whether the conflict turns to cooperation or serious difficulty remains to be seen, but keeping abreast of what is happening in China is essential for today’s leaders. A new … [Read more...]

The Fifty Steps of Crisis Eras by Oliver DeMille

Note to the Reader: I offered this list three years ago in early 2010, and since then the steps of crisis have advanced. I felt it was time to review and see where we are right now. Today I added a few words of commentary that update things since 2010—these are at the very end of this list. If you want, feel free to skip to the end and read the … [Read more...]

Type A Voters and the Simple Fix

By Oliver DeMille Raghuram Rajan of the University of Chicago recently said in Foreign Affairs (May/June 2012):   For decades before the financial crisis of 2008, advanced economies were losing their ability to grow by making useful things. "But they needed to somehow replace the jobs that had been lost to technology and foreign … [Read more...]

The Grand Strategy for 2012

By Oliver DeMille 1. Two Speeches Several years ago I spoke at a seminar on international affairs and I predicted that in the next few years the United States would adopt a new Grand Strategy. I outlined America’s historical Grand Strategies, from Constitutionalism (1789-1820) and Manifest Destiny (1820-1900) to Nationalism (1900-1945) and … [Read more...]

The Greatest Lust Of All: Power Over Others

Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.–George Washington In 1930s Germany, a unitary leader plead for sufficient power to make his homeland safe from the threats faced by his nation. The German people and their … [Read more...]