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A New Look At Employment

By Oliver DeMille For decades the waves of history have moved paid work in the direction of increased specialization. A natural result of this trend has been the rising role of experts, along with what can be called superspecialization. As technology has kept pace with and benefitted from this development, our technological abilities have … [Read more...]

Robert E. Lee and Self-Denial

By Orrin Woodward Robert E. Lee -- the Virginian, American and Civil War general -- was a great leader because he had great character. General Lee taught that you are not worthy to lead until you take your focus off yourself and focus on serving your team. Here are some thoughts out of H. W. Crocker’s phenomenal book called Robert E. Lee on … [Read more...]

The Allegory of the Fishermen

By David Grant In a small village in Scotland a lake that was previously void of life was found to have fish. Several entrepreneur/fishermen launched fishing businesses to take advantage of the rich natural resource. The first few businesses to launch made enormous amounts of money which caused more entrepreneurs to test the … [Read more...]

Why We Are Still in a Recession?

By Oliver DeMille “Why was it that scientists were so excited to discover facts that farmers had known for generations and generations?” —Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings The Wisdom of Crowds or Crowns? There is a technical definition of economic “recession,” but many Americans don’t know exactly what it is. Nor do they accept the experts’ … [Read more...]

The Enlightened Entrepreneur

By Steve D’Annunzio The Constitution of the United States does not guarantee us freedom and prosperity; it merely provides us the opportunity to pursue those ideals. Each individual is responsible for securing their own freedom and prosperity. The best way to achieve this is by enlightened entrepreneurship. Free enterprise is a system of … [Read more...]

Six Counterintuitive Ways For Entrepreneurs to Trump a Tough Economy

By Garrett Gunderson Hard economic times provide excellent strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to buck conventional wisdom. Here are a few ways to do that. 1. Raise Salaries When so many employers are reducing their workforces and cutting salaries, step up by showing your employees how much you value Human Capital … [Read more...]

The Reality Behind the 2010 Election: It’s the Economy

The economy is struggling, and it is driving the election. As so many have said since the Clinton campaign made it popular in the 1990s, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” And many Americans believe the economy will continue to decline. If it does, the Obama Administration has very few tools to respond. The White House has based its entire economic … [Read more...]

9 Myths About Money & Prosperity

The following nine myths are detailed in Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity: Myth 1: Scarcity Drives The Marketplace The marketplace is driven by the notion that resources are limited and the world is a zero-sum game: anything that another wins is no longer available to all others. But this … [Read more...]

Confronting Reality or Passing the Buck?

One of my favorite quotes is: “There are only two ways to fail: Listen to no one or listen to everyone.” When you are new to a job or business, it is important to find mentors who will encourage and guide you through the rough waters. Having a mentor is important, so choose wisely. Ensure you are listening to someone who has achieved the … [Read more...]

Is Government Broken? Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3-part article. Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here The New Religion: Employeeship Unfortunately, it’s not just the schools and universities that are continuing this outdated focus on jobs as the end-all of education and life. Movies and television often demonize entrepreneurs while dedicating most of their time to … [Read more...]