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How to Achieve Dysfunction Through Logical Fallacies

By David Grant Welcome one and all.  We are here today to teach you how to screw up your life. We hope you will apply the lessons you learn here to destroy your health, your marriage, every positive relationship, and make you poor, needy and dependent. Don’t worry, you can live on the government dole and someone else will do the work that … [Read more...]

That Which We Call A Rose

By David Grant "How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg, doesn’t make it a leg.” — Abraham Lincoln But political rhetoric would have you believe that it is not a tail but a leg. It’s time to apply the potent laxative of logic to constipated political spin. Your life (freedom) depends on … [Read more...]

Faith Gap

By David Grant People need to believe. They need to believe that something magical, transcendent, other-worldly, or divine will allow for positive outcomes. They need to believe that statistical probability, reason, and science cannot adequately calculate the likelihood that future events will occur as predicted. Some of the more … [Read more...]

The Allegory of the Fishermen

By David Grant In a small village in Scotland a lake that was previously void of life was found to have fish. Several entrepreneur/fishermen launched fishing businesses to take advantage of the rich natural resource. The first few businesses to launch made enormous amounts of money which caused more entrepreneurs to test the … [Read more...]

Jesuits, Teens, Romance, Statistics and Frontal Lobe Development

By David Grant In 1552, St. Francis Xavier, one of the founders of the Jesuits, sailed to China in an effort to convert souls to Christianity. He never made it to the mainland, but others would soon follow who would have vast impact in China and on world technology exchange. The same efforts were undertaken at about the same time in South … [Read more...]

Why Freedom Cannot Ring

By David Grant Quiz: Rank the following in order of impact to your (you, your family and others you care about) future well-being or the lack thereof: Having the right people in political office; Removing undesirables from political office; Second Amendment rights; Stopping terrorists; Government debt; Corruption; … [Read more...]

Logos, Pathos & Ethos, & Our National Leadership Diet

The following dialogue is common for me: “Hey, Dave, I’m in training for the upcoming season and would like some diet advice.” “Sure, Chad. I recommend a balanced diet.” “But Dave, I want to lose weight, too.” “Oh, in that case, I recommend a balanced diet.” “Okay, but I also want to know what I should eat before a big … [Read more...]