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Reviving the “McGuffy Paradigm”

Have you heard of the McGuffy Readers? Do you know there were 120 million of them sold in the middle part of our nation’s history? They were the standard educational text for America for a hundred years. So what's in them? Well, the first page of the first book talks about cats and rats, the second page shows the cat eating the rat, the third … [Read more...]

i Government

"Where, oh where, has my liberty gone?” we cry. Too often the answer is, "The 'government' stole it!" Liberty-loving Americans must bring politics and economics back into the first person. We speak of the “the government” and the “the economy” as if they were independent, conscious entities. But the “government” is people, … [Read more...]

21st Century Georgics: An Introduction

A key factor in maintaining freedom is sustainable economic forms. Are you maintaining freedom through the financial principles and practices you are using? Have American families adopted the economic forms necessary for the preservation of a free people? The average American household pays over 34.5% of every dollar earned to interest … [Read more...]

Georgic Economics: The Genesis of Liberty

A “Georgic economy" occurs when families plant seeds after preparing the ground; they then water, tend, protect, and eventually harvest. In our modern day, it is experienced by families who adopt Georgic principles in their finances. It is compared to banking as well: Banks plant seeds (of capital) and harvests increase over time. When … [Read more...]