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Choose your Money View; Don’t let it Choose You

By Chris Brady "World View" is a term recently popularized by philosophers and media pundits who debate spiritual and political matters. It refers to the lens through which people see (and therefore interpret) the world around them. All information and observations must pass through this lens and be colored by one's World … [Read more...]

Width or Depth? Less May Be More

By Cris Brady A good book, I think, is distinguished by its ability to transport the reader to 'somewhere else.' By this, I mean more than pulp fiction escapism. I mean a place of new thought, philosophical territory as yet unexplored by the reader, fields of new information, lands of epiphany, skies of new considerations. One such … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow: Unconventional Just May Mean Revolutionary

By Chris Brady As a father I am constantly on the lookout for lessons, stories, experiences, and role models that will be edifying for the development of my children. Several years ago, while he was still a surprising sensation at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow came onto my radar screen. There was something attractive about his … [Read more...]

Turning Points for LIFE

By Chris Brady I flipped a coin. Seriously. My father and I were trying to decide which division of General Motors should be my "sponsor" during my co-op work experience while attending GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University today).   The choice was between Buick and AC, and AC won the flip.   Weeks later, at a … [Read more...]

Israel at the Intersection

By Chris Brady Stone steps greet my weary feet once again, while the sun keeps up its constant beaming from above, pounding on my hat and searing my skin. The bag on my back, though small, irritates me from long companionship, and the camera that produces the pictures I so love is an annoyance. My senses are overloaded and my brain is … [Read more...]

How More May Be Less

By Chris Brady Happiness lies not in getting what you want but in wanting what you have. In a rushed society of more, bigger, faster, shinier, louder, fancier, more expensive, more expansive, more ostentatious -- something must get crowded out. Usually those "somethings" are the little things. And often, those little things might be the … [Read more...]

You Haven’t Told Them Until You’ve Shown Them

By Chris Brady Nightmares Imagine you’re on stage in front of a bunch of people. They’re all looking at you, it’s quiet as a funeral home, you can hear a pin drop, your mouth is dry, and you have no idea what to say or what you’re even expected to say. You don’t know why you’re there, you don’t even know who these people are, and then you … [Read more...]

“Oh, Spaniard, You Should See the Colosseum!”

by Chris Brady Here's a snippet from a manuscript I'm roughing while here in Italy; musings on the Colosseum in Rome. I also struggled, as I guess most do, with the purpose behind this amphitheatre. This enormous, beautiful structure was constructed as a showcase of cruelty. Only God knows how many murders occurred here, how many innocent … [Read more...]

The More You Know: Avoiding Cynicism

By Chris Brady She wasn't exactly keeping up with me. I turned, amidst the crowd, to discern why. A moment's glance contained the explanation: she was trying to walk on the tiles of a certain color while dodging the rest. "Do it with me, daddy!" she gushed. And I couldn't help but comply. It didn't matter that we were surrounded by a hundred … [Read more...]

Personal Greatness: Expect To Earn It

By Chris Brady Children and adults alike fantasize about becoming big successes. Everyone wonders what it would be like to have huge talent, amazing gifts, and the opportunity to become great at something. Fame and fortune is reserved for the lucky few. But that last part is a lie. There is no easy street to high … [Read more...]