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Concise Keys to Living a Prosperous Life

By Garrett Gunderson

Our ideal world will never be realized as long as we are in financial bondage, both because of our personal choices and because of social myths concerning finances.

The way out of financial bondage is easier and closer to home than it may seem at times.

The power to kill the sacred cows of social myths is within us, and the power to become financially free is through our personal choice to be personally responsible, not in some amazing financial product or hot stock tip.

Happiness Beyond Material Things

If we want to prosper, we must learn that happiness does not strictly come from material things. We must become aware that happiness comes from inside of ourselves, and nothing external can dictate our lasting happiness.

Taking responsibility for and shaping our beliefs and habits is the first step towards happiness and prosperity. The irony is that the healthier our beliefs are, the more material things flow through our lives, and the greater happiness we experience.

Prosperity is a State of Mind

When we understand that people, not things are the real assets, we naturally stop placing so much value on natural goods.

We have less of a tendency to base our sense of self-worth on how much stuff we have. We find more happiness in relationships than we do in homes, cars, and boats. We realize that prosperity is more a state of mind than it is net worth on paper.

You Control Your Fate

It’s natural for us to find things outside of ourselves to blame and to attack when things go wrong. All of us do it or have done it.

But if America is to remain free, and if her citizens want to prosper, then we must stop believing that financial security is a result of things outside of ourselves or beyond our control.

Live in Abundance Over Scarcity

Scarcity results in a competitive approach to economics and personal finances. If resources are limited, and another’s gain results in my loss, then I must compete with that person for all available resources.

Competition results in hoarding. If another’s gain represents my loss, then I must never give up anything I possess or own. Once it is transferred to another, I have lost all value that comes from activities and possessions that cost money and the increased satisfaction that comes from exchanging something we value for something we value more.

The opposite of competition is, of course, cooperation and interdependence. When individuals bring unique skills and talents to a combined project, the total value of that project increases at a greater rate than the values of those people working individually on separate projects.

This is how we create an infinite economic “pie.”

High Risks are Not Needed for High Returns

Behind every investment is people; understand the people and you understand the investment. Be a wise investor and wise investments will follow.

Never accept the propaganda that you must be willing to stomach high risks in order to achieve high returns. The truth is exactly opposite –- the better you can mitigate your risks to near zero, the higher your returns.

There is, in fact, a direct relationship between risk and reward, but that relationship is what banks and other financial institutions practice themselves, not what they want the public to believe.

They teach the propaganda in order to transfer their risk to end consumers – the more risks consumers take on, the less banks have to. It may be a brilliant strategy on their part, but it’s a crippling fallacy on our part.

If we want to prosper, we must learn how to reduce our risks and simultaneously raise our returns.

This is done by recognizing that we as individuals are our most important assets, and taking the time and effort to increase our human life value through education.”

Live Your Soul Purpose

Selfish people never reach their full potential. They’re so concerned about what they can get from others that they never think of what they have to give.

It is precisely what we have to give that results in the development of our whole being.

Our Soul Purpose is all about what we have to offer to the world, not what the world has to offer to us. As long as we’re more concerned with getting than giving, we will never find and live our Soul Purpose. We will never love and serve others in meaningful ways.

And consequently, we will never receive what we have the potential to receive, because there is a direct correlation between what we give and what we receive.

Financial Myths Come From the Great Depression

If most of what we’re taught about money is false, then why are these monetary lies so prevalent, and where do they originate?

I believe that most of the myths about money that we are taught today originated in the Great Depression, are solidified by financial institutions that have a vested interest in keeping the public ignorant of the principles of true wealth creation, and are spread through the misconceived advice of well-intentioned family members and friends.

Financial Freedom is Within You

Above all else, I want people to stop looking for solutions outside of themselves and instead turn inward to find their personal power that so often lies dormant and undiscovered. I want people to see that financial freedom is within their grasp and is something that they can control.

No matter how broke we may be in our physical world, we can focus on increasing the quality of our mental and spiritual lives, which will then be reflected in our physical world.

I invite you to analyze and question the traditional teachings about finances and see if they bring you closer to or take you further away from being all that you have the power to be.


Garrett Gunderson is an entrepreneur, financial coach, the founder of Freedom FastTrack, and the primary author of the New York Times bestseller Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity.

Garrett loves inspiring others to turn their potential into production. He has dedicated his life to living and teaching a unique concept known as Soul Purpose that reveals how anyone can live a more prosperous and rewarding life.

As a finance and business productivity coach, Garrett instructs both large and small groups of business owners and financial service professionals nationwide.

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