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Weak Versus Strong-Force Attractors

By Steve D’Annunzio

Everything in the universe is energy in a constant state of vibration.

Even a chair, a lamp, a car, everything—at a subatomic level—is particles and waves in an energetic state of constant movement.

The universe is a frequency spectrum of infinite vibration. Physical matter possesses a great variety of vibrational speeds and frequencies.

For example, H2O molecules vibrating very slowly are seen as ice, when sped up are seen as water, and sped up even faster become steam or vapor.

Thought waves are also pure energy that vibrates at a much higher frequency. Whatever frequency we externally send out or “vibrate”—as thoughts, choices, words, and actions—automatically “attracts” people and events to us that match whatever energy we originally sent.

When I think negatively, I draw negative people and events into my life. When I act violently, I attract violent people and events into my life.

Strong-force attractors are thoughts, events, people, behaviors, books, etc. which bring us closer to Soul Purpose, help us feel more alive and give us greater energy, and draw us further into the spiritual realm. Strong-force attractors can include:

  • Enlightening books, movies, television, and other media;
  • Uplifting music;
  • People who bring out the best in us;
  • Healthy foods;
  • Consciously-created experiences, such as hiking and other outdoors activities, attending plays with loved ones, etc.;
  • Spiritual disciplines (prayer, meditation, reality statements, etc.)

Weak-force attractors do just the opposite: they drag us down and further away from Soul Purpose. These can include:

  • Trashy, violent, or otherwise unworthy books, movies, television and other media;
  • Pornography;
  • Degrading music;
  • Negative people;
  • Harmful drugs;
  • Junk food.

If you want to progress, you must eliminate all weak-force attractors from your life and only associate with strong-force attractors. This is one of the best ways to accelerate the process of developing Soul Purpose.

James Allen wrote in As a Man Thinketh, “Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”

By eliminating weak-force attractors from your life and increasing your exposure to strong-force attractors, you are able to remove obstructions to Soul Purpose and become more of what you already are.


Steve D’Annunzio is the founder of the Soul Purpose Institute, the author of The Prosperity Paradigm, and a productivity trainer and life success coach to Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes, and high-performance entrepreneurs. For twenty years, he has been helping people identify their passion, develop it into a business idea, and deliver it to the world.

A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Steve has shared the stage with world-changers like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, and Barbra-Marx Hubbard.

He uses principles of higher awareness to inspire others to be far greater versions of themselves than they ever knew to be possible. By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people to experience more outer prosperity in their life.

He is an author and composer of many books, paradigms, and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and enhancing joy.

Steve lives with his family in Rochester, New York.

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