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How to Overcome a Lack of Natural Talent

Some people begin the journey to success in a particular endeavor endowed with obvious natural talent. Others, however (and most, as it turns out), are not so gifted. This second group has to work harder to do what the first group was able to do naturally. Over time, however, the differences between starting points fade … [Read more...]

The Canyon

“There is no way Mom! Mowing lawns is the only way I can earn money. It will be next spring before I can earn enough money!” He wailed. He moaned. He cried. He was nine. What could I say? I could see so many options. He needed to think bigger, longer term. He was so much closer than he realized. Mowing lawns is not the only way to earn … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Bozos Get You Down

If you are new to the pursuit of excellence, just launching upon your dream chase, or just now responding to a calling in your life, you may need to be warned about something (or someone): Bozos. Really, I've got nothing against Bozo the Clown. He wore his baldness with poise and managed to keep a smile upon his face despite the wardrobe he … [Read more...]

Your Personal Brand & the Margaritaville Concept

It happened to you and it's uniquely yours. No one else has your story. No one else has your particular mixture of experience and ability. Not only did God make you unique in all your parts, but the life He lets you live is just as uniquely yours. Nobody else experiences the world in exactly the same way as you. These concepts form the basis … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons People Quit Something Worthy

For nearly twenty years I’ve worked with people in an entrepreneurial setting, encouraging and coaching them to fulfill their dreams and goals. I’ve seen people come and I’ve seen people go, and through it all there emerges a pattern of behavior. I’ve often been asked, “What’s the difference between those who ‘make it’ and those who … [Read more...]

Success is Hard, But Worth It

In anything worthwhile, success is hard. Let's consider business in general and the costs to even get started. According to buildyourfirm.com, the average startup cost for an accounting office is $50,000 for a book of $150k of business. According to fastfood.com, to start an Arby's franchise requires a $37,500 initial fee, a liquid capital … [Read more...]

The Study of Liberal Arts: A Search For Self

The full spectrum of human nature cannot be taught; it must be discovered. But it is virtually impossible to discover in the modern world of computer games, social media, and texting. Seldom do we see anything but the worst of human nature in the world of politics or in the mansions of materialism or the ivory towers of skepticism. The … [Read more...]

Dealing With Change – The Price of Being a Master Instead of a Jack

Sometimes, even the best of us have a difficult time dealing with change. The most famous change agent of our country’s history, George Washington, even had times where he had difficulty dealing with change. Upon Washington’s death, he had three doctors attending to his needs, Drs. Brown, Dick and Clark. Two of the Drs. suggested that they … [Read more...]

Leaders Break the Cycle of Learned Helplessness

By Orrin Woodward Here is a portion of the Adversity Quotient Resolution chapter from my new book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. Learned Helplessness, by definition, is a learned behavior; therefore, it can also be an unlearned behavior. This is exactly what leaders do for other people, helping them unlearn poor attitudes, … [Read more...]

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

By Kevin Mogavero One of the best soldiers I met during my time in the Army was First Sergeant Zackary. He was my First Sergeant during our deployment to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’m sure you remember when we invaded Afghanistan and then, a short time later, we declared war with Iraq. My unit deployed the day we declared that … [Read more...]