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American Government Righting Sports Wrongs – NBA Stimulus Package

Warning: This is humor and is meant to be funny and teach some lessons before it is too late!  This is not slanted toward either Democrats or Republicans, as I feel they have both let the American people down and have lost our free enterprise American Ideals!  The people need to educate themselves and this is my reason for writing the … [Read more...]

The Fat Lady Begins to Sing

And so it begins... The most recent national election declared the passion of the American people for the Nanny State. Of the almost 127 million voters, a majority preferred a governing system that favors high taxes, a saturated welfare system, forced health care, and an abundance of government dependent workers. Apparently we have learned … [Read more...]

The Human Spirit

In spite of the fact that we live in a world dominated by the extreme credentialism, government regulation and oversight, and aristocratic hierarchy prophesied by Alexis de Tocqueville, Americans are still capable of pushing through the social and political miasma that bogs down our society and shine their individual brilliance on a nearly comatose … [Read more...]

Why We Need a Third Party

by Oliver DeMille In the aftermath of the 2012 election, there have been numerous emails, posts, articles and blogs by business owners who say they are planning to sell or close their businesses, or just lay off enough workers that they can afford Obamacare for the employees who remain. One summary listed the following announced layoffs—all … [Read more...]

Capitalism vs. Capitalism

An Essential Debate for the Future of Freedom By Oliver DeMille There are two major types of economies: market and command. Within these two branches there are a number of subtypes, including various command-style economies such as socialism, communism, fascism, collectivism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism. The market-economy … [Read more...]

Mini-Factories: The Greatest Freedom Trend of Our Time

By Oliver DeMille The following is an excerpt from Oliver's recent book, The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom. If freedom is to reverse the onslaught of American and global aristocracy, it will likely do so through the greatest freedom trend of our time. This trend is revolutionizing institutions, organizations, … [Read more...]

Choose your Money View; Don’t let it Choose You

By Chris Brady "World View" is a term recently popularized by philosophers and media pundits who debate spiritual and political matters. It refers to the lens through which people see (and therefore interpret) the world around them. All information and observations must pass through this lens and be colored by one's World … [Read more...]

The American Caste System

By Oliver DeMille The American framers overcame domination by an elite upper class by establishing a new system where every person was treated equally before the law. This led to nearly two centuries of increasing freedoms for all social classes, both genders and all citizens—whatever their race, religion, health, etc. During the Industrial Age … [Read more...]

Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Great Systems Until…

By Kevin Mogavero There are a few interesting factors we should study when we look at our free enterprise and capitalistic-natured economy. First, consider that free enterprise evokes and encourages competition. Second, consider that the capitalist system requires an entity to generate profit to survive. Two things that I think have … [Read more...]

Training the Factory Workers for the Farm

By Kevin Mogavero This past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with a good friend of mine whom I have a great deal of respect. She is a teacher in a low-income-area elementary school. We had an inspiring conversation about our current school system, they way “things are” in our society today and how things “should be.” Many of … [Read more...]