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Get mentoring by Oliver DeMille at Low, Low Price – this week only

importantNow, for the week of 3/31/15 – 4/7/15, get our award-winning MIC for just $10/month and our exciting new BBF subscription for just $8/month!

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March Madness pricingIt must be spring fever!!

Get mentoring from Oliver DeMille at a deep discount: For the week of March 31 – April 7, 2015, we’re offering our premium subscriptions at a deep discount! Just $18 per month total for both our award-winning Mentoring in the Classics AND our exciting new Black Belt in Freedom! Jump in now for maximum savings. WAIT! If the deep discount isn’t compelling enough to make you leap in, consider this: Even if you’re not planning to participate fully in the study plan right now, here’s why you should subscribe now ANYWAY:

  1. The audios are a convenient and easy way to keep your mind enriched and your heart inspired. Even without the readings, you’ll be amazed at what listening to these audios does for your sense of empowerment, confidence and vision, as well as the mood and rhythm in your home!
  2. Even if you just “bank” the content for later, it’s totally worth the cost of the subscription! This is *you* building a library of resources that you can return to again and again, and that will be a blessing to your family, long-term!

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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Here are the links to sign up using our No-fooling April pricing. But act now — these prices are going to buzz off soon. March 31 – April 7 is your window period, so don’t miss out!

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