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How the Next Two Weeks Determine the Future of Freedom

Obamacongress1Two weeks from now we’ll know. Once and for all, we’ll see where the nation is headed for the next four years.

It may seem like a little thing, but it isn’t. If Congress caves in to the White House in the next two weeks, or to its perception of what the voters really want, we’re in for a marathon of decline.

If not, if Congress shuts down the non-essential functions of government until the President and Senate get a balanced budget, things will look up for America.

Consumer confidence has been up lately, and a lot of sectors in the economy are showing signs that they’re ready to drastically improve. After four years of recession and sluggishness, this is good news. But there are also strong indications that the economy could backtrack as well, and fast.

By early April, we’ll know. Congress will either call the President’s bluff, shut down the non-essential functions of government until we get a real fiscal plan in order, or it won’t.

If it doesn’t, the White House will just keep regulating and bide its time until the 2014 midterm elections — then go all out to get a Democratic House and massively increase the size of government from 2014-2016.

The media is going out of its way to downplay the ability of Congress to take a real stand. It is acting as if the people don’t really want it, as if any shutdown would hurt Republicans in the 2014 elections, as if Republicans don’t really have the will to stand firm. But this isn’t what the voters want, it’s what the media wants.

The voters want to fix the economy, and they know this will require some hard choices. Nothing in the last three years has done as much to boost economic positives as the cuts of the Sequester (and that’s sad, given that the Sequester cuts weren’t wisely targeted).

Now we need real cuts that come from getting a balanced budget, and the only way this will happen is if members of the House stay firm and require a budget to keep funding the government.

So, like I said, in two weeks we’ll know. Sadly, the last eight years haven’t been good for most small businesses or families. It’s time for a little good news.

It’s time for the House to take a stand. The Constitution puts them in charge of initiating the budget, and America needs them to hold firm until we get one. If we don’t, all the more reason it’s way past time to shut down all non-essential government spending.

It’s time for Congress to do the right thing. If they do, we’ll be on our way back. If not, more bad news will follow.

In two weeks, we’ll know which direction we’re heading.

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