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Freedom from Stupid People

By Kevin Mogavero

I read a great quote the other day that I will share with you here.

Unfortunately I have not been able to track down the source of the quote. If you know where it has come from, please share it with me… In any case, here goes:

“Freedom from keeping selfishness in check = Not freedom.”

I’m just going to go ahead and add some other things that don’t equal freedom.

Freedom from:
Keeping your ego in check
Healthy living
Stupid people around you

= Not Freedom

In fact, there is only one equation that equals freedom.

Accountability X Responsibility = Freedom

Accountability = Awareness

Responsibility = Action

Freedom = acting on the things you are aware of to gain power over your circumstances.

A 10 in Accountability (meaning you know how you control every variable that is creating your circumstances) multiplied by a 1 in Responsibility (meaning you’re not doing much action to change the variables) is just 10.

In this case, you’re a slave to your circumstances.

A 10 in Responsibility (meaning you’ll do whatever it takes to change the variables) multiplied by 1 in Accountability (meaning you still think that there are “things” outside of your control) is just a 10.

In this case, you’re still a slave to your circumstances.

Just a little improvement in either area can make a huge difference in your personal freedom.

Most anyone willing to read this blog is pretty high on the Responsibility scale.

This is why I tell people to read as much as they can.

The more you read, the more awareness you will gain.

The higher your score in either category, the harder and longer you’ll have to work to make it to the next level.


The rewards at the next level are always worth it!


Kevin Mogavero is a co-founder of “Six Degrees of Leadership,” a personal development company that empowers people to live their purpose and passion by building “Social Capital.”

A graduate of West Point Academy, Kevin served six years as an officer in the U.S. Army Field Artillery. He held a combat arms leadership role for his entire career, except one staff position, during which he obtained a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management. He also served in Iraq during “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Since the military, Kevin has worked for Honeywell as an earned-value analyst in the aerospace department, in Phoenix Arizona.

He started testing his leadership skills in the entrepreneurial world by starting several companies, to include a real estate company and a business mailing-address company. Kevin loves to serve people who have a yearning to create a better life for themselves and others. He is passionate about teaching people the importance of something that most take for granted: relationships.

Kevin lives in Phoenix with his wife and two daughters. Read and subscribe to Kevin’s Warrior Blog here.

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