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The Power of Reality Statements

By Steve D’Annunzio

The fruit of any tree comes from the root. What is at the “root” of your “tree,” or in other words, what occurs consistently in your inner world that determines your outer world?

What are your inner conversations? Are they empowering? Are they loving? Are they forgiving? Do they lead you to the greatest and highest expression of your Soul Purpose?

A reality statement is a way to train your mind to think how you want it to think. It is a short paragraph that you repeat out loud three times a day for a full 52 days.

The mind, like money, makes a terrible master, but an excellent servant; a repetitive reality statement is one of the best tools available to train your mind to be your servant.

A reality statement must be extremely positive, written in the first person, (I am, I know, I choose, I create), and always in the present tense. Phrases like “I will,” “I might,” “I could, would, or should” cannot be in a reality statement.

Everything must be written in the now, even (and especially) if it’s a goal that you have had a hard time believing can happen. The lack of belief is the bad habit that must be dissolved, so that a new reality can become impregnated in the subconscious mind.

Your statement must be said out loud a minimum of three times a day for a full 52 days. You cannot say it too much, but three times each day is the minimum.

The Reality Statement is said for 52 days straight because it takes 52 reversals of a habit to break a habit, then 30 more implementations of a new habit to make it a reality in the subconscious mind.

Without a new habit, people revert back to their old, long-standing patterns all too easily. Saying the reality statement for 22 days breaks the habit, and continuing to say it for the next 30 days creates the new pattern as a habit.

It is like a prescription. If you have an ear infection and the doctor says take three pills a day for a certain number of days — and you don’t do it — you can’t be surprised if the infection lingers. This is your success prescription. If you don’t do it you can’t be surprised when fear and failure linger.

Reality statements are a spiritual discipline. They are created from the highest realm — that of the spiritual — to awaken the God-Self.

The reality statement combines intention with conscious choice and, using the magnetic power of the spoken word, creates favorable conditions to manifest the latent potential from the spiritual realm into actualization.

The following is an example of a reality statement that has been used thousands of times by various students with highly beneficial results:

“I am now connected to the only true source of Infinite Prosperity—God, the essence of all that is. Thank you God for raising my awareness to see the abundant opportunities that are all around me right now.

This awareness bestows new vision upon me. This new vision empowers me beyond old fear, doubt, and worry to create a new life of financial freedom. I no longer allow any person, thought or event to steal my joy from me.”

If ever I feel fear, I instantly put my hand on my heart and say, “I remember God, choose love, and create value.

Love itself now eliminates all forces that once weakened me. Prosperity Consciousness inspires me to focus solely on creating value for others.

Through this value creation, limitless abundance flows to me in the form of money. This reality now manifests in harmony with Thy Will for me, Amen.”

Again, this statement works best when said aloud three times a day for a full 52 days.

Typically the first week of saying the reality statement is joyous, empowering, and fairly easy. This is because the excitement of doing something new and fresh inspires you to consistently repeat it.

The second week becomes more difficult, as the newness wears away. By the third week, it becomes painful and difficult to continue saying, and here’s why: Old paradigms do not go down without kicking and screaming.

This is another aspect of the ego — it does not want to die, and therefore cleverly convinces you to give up on doing that which threatens its survival. Much like a trapped rat that leaps at your throat, the ego’s old habits and paradigms will attack to survive.

Saying this reality statement represents the beginning of its demise. How does the ego attack? By encouraging you to revert back to your old habits.

To maximize efficacy and ease of saying this statement, the following action steps are strongly urged:

1. Type the reality statement so it’s about the size of a business card, but big enough so it’s easily readable. Copy it three more times so it appears a total of four times on one 8.5 inch by 11.5 inch piece of paper and print it out.

2. Have the whole sheet laminated, then cut the four copies into separate cards. Put one in your wallet/pocket, one in your car, one on your nightstand, and one in your office.

3. Commit to read the Reality Statement a minimum of three times a day out loud, preferably once in the morning, then at noon, then before bed.

4. Remember to persist repeating it for a full 52 days — the first 22 days break the old paradigm, then the next 30 days input the new paradigm.

5. Saying your Reality Statement is a difficult discipline that will challenge the ego, and therefore expect resistance. If you forget to say it for a day or two, forgive yourself, and then begin saying it with a renewed level of commitment.

6. Remember that living your Soul Purpose is a unique gift realized by all too few people. By saying this Reality Statement you are creating favorable conditions to discover your Soul Purpose.

Commit to being that one person out of a thousand who actually completes the program.


Steve D’Annunzio is the founder of the Soul Purpose Institute, the author of The Prosperity Paradigm, and a productivity trainer and life success coach to Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes, and high-performance entrepreneurs. For twenty years, he has been helping people identify their passion, develop it into a business idea, and deliver it to the world.

A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Steve has shared the stage with world-changers like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, and Barbra-Marx Hubbard.

He uses principles of higher awareness to inspire others to be far greater versions of themselves than they ever knew to be possible. By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people to experience more outer prosperity in their life.

He is an author and composer of many books, paradigms, and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and enhancing joy.

Steve lives with his family in Rochester, New York.

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