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Sunday Poem: Diary of an Old Soul by George MacDonald

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Diary of an Old Soul

George MacDonald

(Excerpt, Read the Full Diary Here)

How many helps thou giv’st to those who would learn!
To some sore pain, to others a sinking heart;
To some a weariness worse than any smart;
To some a haunting, fearing, blind concern;
Madness to some; to some the shaking dart
Of hideous death sill following as they turn;
To some a hunger that will not depart.

To some thou giv’st a deep unrest — a scorn
Of all they are or see upon the earth;
A gaze, at dusky night and clearing morn,
As on a land of emptiness and dearth;
To some a bitter sorrow; to some the sting
Of love misprized — of sick abandoning;
To some a frozen heart, oh, worse than anything!

The messengers of Satan think to mar,
But make — driving the soul from false to feal —
To thee, the reconciler, the one real,
In whom alone the would be and the is are met!

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