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Welcome to the Era of Drones! by Oliver DeMille

(Transportation without Representation)


Drone w PowerlineIt’s a big thing in the print media, right now. It shows up in article after article. Where do property rights end and airspace rights begin? When the jet planes or smaller Cessna’s were flying above at 21,000 feet or even 900 feet, most people didn’t care if they went directly over one’s property.

But what happens in the coming Drone Era when drones fly 10 or 20 feet above your backyard on their way to deliver a book, a box of peaches, or toilet paper to your neighbors? (Popular Science, January 2015, page 71) Is that a violation of your property? Or your privacy? Certainly, if they run into your tree or hit your power line, you’re going to call it a bit intrusive, but what if they just fly past?

And, as more people are asking, how can you tell if they are simply delivering the morning paper or taking video of your family as they fly by? Or both? And who owns that drone that will be flying past, anyway? Amazon? WalMart? The government? Which government—state, local, federal? Or a private individual, like your teenage daughter’s stalker who is hoping to catch a glimpse of her in a swimsuit?

Sound creepy? A lot of people think so.

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  1. It’s just more apparent when a drone is flying within sight. But camera lens technology has also come along way. Just take a look at google earth for example. You can see your backyard and car on google earth from a camera in space. Why couldn’t a powerful camera be fitted to a small private plane? I think if people want to invade someones privacy they will do it in a discrete manner. Drones make noise and people are well aware of their presence. The media is dwelling the Drone privacy issues when there are drones performing life saving tasks.

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